Shovel Helper

We have been told its The Best Way To Shovel.

  • 50% Less STRESS, that causes Back, Spine, problems.

  • Reduce the cause of Heart Attacks and Stroke.
  • The ONLY Product on market for under $150.00 that can make these claims.
  • The most ergonomic way to shovel Guarenteed. Exert less enery then any other shoveling method.
  • *** Proven Better for your body then Bent Handle Shovels.
  • Works great on Snow, Coal or Digging Shovels.

  • Dr. J. Amdur's Actual TESTIMONIAL

    "... I highly recommend SHOVEL HELPER It reduces Stress
    on the Spinal Muscles, Discs, and Ligaments Significantly"...
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    "Shovel Helper" Attaches in seconds to YOUR SHOVEL -
    Just Two thumbscrews.

  • Lift 50% less weight each time. (see test results)
  • Better then Bent Handle Shovel (adjustable).
  • NO NEED to buy another Shovel - Attaches to "Your Shovel"

  • No risk Guarantee!

  • Installs in Seconds - Just tighten two ThumbScrews

    *Special price*

    - Only $10.95 each plus S&H

    Buy two for Only $16.95 plus seperate S&H.

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  • "Easy to Install" - 1,2,3

    1, Place clips on Shovel edge.

    2, Then tighten ThumbScews.
    3, Adjust straps for your comfort.


  • Installs in Seconds.

  • Works on ALL type Shovels.

  • Makes ALL Snow Shovels "Ergonomic".

  • Straps Adjust for your height and confort.

  • Even Bent Handle Shovels become more ergonomic.

  • Tested by Doctors & Independant Engineering Labratories.

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